Vehicle selection on request

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Auto parameter matching service

Our company offers its services in the selection of transport by parameters. We have extensive experience in vehicle selection and qualified experts. We will pick up really great car on your request. The cost of the service is fixed, to find out more details contact us now.

Own bases of vehicles

We have our own database for which we make a selection of transport. In order to use our service you need to perform several actions:
  1. Send us an application.
  2. Describe your request, specify the make and model of the car you want.
  3. Specify additional information as accurately as possible.
Once we receive your request we will be able to offer you options to choose from.

Our company is located in Kiev, in spite of this we work all over Ukraine except Crimea, Donetsk, Lugansk. 

Qualified experts will promptly make auto selection and will choose the best variants for you.

Let’s save your time on searching of the necessary car!