How to photograph a car for sale

Selling a car is a process that requires attention to detail. One of the key steps is to prepare photos for the ad. After all, they are the ones that potential buyers pay attention to first.

Undervalued photos can reduce the chances of a quick and profitable sale. So how do you properly photograph a car for sale?

In this article we will cover the key points: what to take photos with, how to choose the right angle, whether you need to process your photos, how to choose a location and how many photos you need. Let’s do it!

How to take photos: choosing equipment

Today’s smartphones have powerful enough cameras to capture quality photos. However, if you have a professional camera, it will be even better. The key is to pay attention to the settings and lighting.

Use a tripod to steady your shots and, if possible, an external light source for better detail. The flash on a smartphone camera rarely takes better pictures; it’s best to shoot in natural light.

Equipment list

  • Smartphone or professional camera
  • tripod
  • External light source

How to choose the right angle and number of photos

The choice of angle plays a huge role. The best pictures are taken at eye level. Take photos from different angles: front, back, side. This will allow the buyer to better assess the condition of the car.

It’s not only important how you choose the angle, but also how many photos you need. Ideally at least 10-15 quality shots. They should show not only the exterior but also the interior, engine, wheels and other details.

Checklist for photos

  • Frontal view
  • Rear view
  • Side view
  • Salon
  • Engine
  • Wheels

Whether you need to process your photos and how to choose a location

Light photo processing is acceptable, but don’t overdo it. The purpose is to show the real condition of the auto, not to make an infomercial. Standard brightness and contrast settings are fine.

The location for the shoot is important, too. It’s best to shoot against a neutral background: this will help accentuate the car. Avoid areas with lots of people or other vehicles.

Now you know how to properly photograph a car for sale. Following these simple rules will help you draw more attention to your listing and speed up the selling process.

Don’t forget that quality photos are an investment in your successful transaction. Good luck! If there is no time for photos and you need to sell your car urgently, then use the service urgent car buyout in Kiev and we’ll take care of all the work.

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